Insight Dari Ubud Writers And Readers Festival UWRF 2017

Insight Dari Ubud Writers And Readers Festival UWRF 2017

Sepertinya baru kemarin  aku dan anak-anak ke Ubud untuk UWRF, eh tahu-tahu UWRF sudah hadir lagi untuk yang kesekian kalinya.

UWRF 2017 ini menghadirkan 150  penulis dari 30 negara.

Untung saja ada twitter dan para socmed anthusiast yang rajin berbagi alias sharing apa yang mereka dapatkan dengan berbagi di time line. Nah, ini dia beberapa insight yang kutangkap.
Semoga berguna ya...

"You can train yourself to be funny," ujar Sakdiyah Ma'ruf , wanita Muslim stand up comedian pertama di Indonesia

#LijiaZhang: fiction is a finer form than journalism.

a novel be an agent of social change
"Penulis muda harus terbuka dan menyuarakan pesannya lewat tulisan" Murti Bunanta.

'everything looks like success when people aren't killing each other': @sophal_ear

Writing contemporary stories for children means you can change their thinking & hopefully change the world.” Fab words @CristyBurne

“In my book I wanted Anorexia (nervosa) to become a character; someone young adults could understand,” says Leanne Ellul, YA author
‘Crime writers are really lovely people. We’ve exorcised our demons on the page.’ Ian Rankin 

The people you need to look out for are romantic fiction writers, they haven’t got the darkness out of their systems’ Ian Rankin

When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it - Paulo Coelho

'Let's make a definition of gender based on our culture.' @coksawitri

"To change things in the future, you start with children & change the culture of young readers in Indonesia." Nika Tanzil.   

'A balinese man has a second wife - his rooster. He massages it every day.' - Puriana 

Anaesthesia a netherworld between consciousness and death. What happens to us under anaesthetic is an 'unknowable question' @kca111

“I feel very strongly about people in the community who get silenced, twice.” @kca111 describing the shutdown of anaesthetic effects

'We need to repatriate the memory of the past to the next generation.' @SugiLanus

Prior to anaesthetic, 'pain was seen as utterly intractable,' says @kca111

This book grew from a book I wrote 10 years ago about a women who woke from a coma & was married to a anaesthetist.” @kca111

Step into the shoes of another culture and reevaluate the weirdness of our own culture' - Fuschia Dunlop 
'Food is the way people communicate... it expresses what kind of person you are. ' - Fuschia Dunlop

'Food is really a way to experience a culture... it touches on every aspect of life.' @joannasavill

Education is like a mirror: it reflects us, but we are more than our reflections.” - AIS student 

“Identity is like a book: its description doesn’t always match the content.” - AIS student

So far I find staying silent haunts me more than the consequences of speaking up.  - Eliza 

"Less is more for online, we focus on length" sebut Rebecca

The privilege of being a freelance journal is running away from the pack (social media).” Encouraging words from @ian_neubauer

Simon Armitage: Lectures are a form of art somewhere between performance and essay.  

Simon Armitage: Poetry is essentially a compact and intense form of language.

Kate Holden: Memoir is a violent literary form; it’s cannibalistic—you eat those closest to you

 "Some people think Shanghai food is all brown & sweet; the trick is variety: to appreciate its delicacy & lightness.” @fuchsiadunlop

Fuchsia Dunlop: “Chinese food is full of gastronomic witticisms: it looks so simple but it's taste & feel is incredibly complex.”

be "aggressively empathic and shamelessly loving".- nusrat durrani

societal structures consolidate poverty. An individual can succeed but this does not change inequality

in Northern Ireland only the poor people had the troubles

When you hear politicians demonising people then get to know these people. A good way to do this is to read their books

when you have home within you then nationalism disappears we can remove the boundary lines after all we are all human beings

terrorism comes from being dispossessed homeland is very important people must be anchored

left wing can be portrayed as secularism, right wing as religious fundamentalism

we have to do something about the production consumption waste cycle #environmentaljustice

lots of great quotes govt knows there is a problem but do they want to do something about it 

Ary menghasilkan karya2 komik yang berlatar belakang sejarah dgn misi memperkenalkan budaya Indonesia.

Empresses were not allowed to wave, so Cixi learnt her first wave from foreign monarchs.” Jung Chang & the Empress Dowager story

Jung Chang explains that Cixi the Empress of China was “an early women’s liberationist, bringing females out of the home.”

Jung Chang is going deep into Chinese history. What an amazing person she is 

Captivating Comics tells us that Indonesian comics are reaching an international audience, because they’re visually astonishing. 

how to Love in a Time of Hate. "The end goal is to cross-pollinate compassion."@nusratdurrani

I had the misfortune of writing my book twice- Jung Chang on translating her Mao biography

The agreement from Paradise in Peril panel: tourism kills tourism & "please bring your own metal water bottle & cloth bags to Bali."

Is Bali a Paradise in Peril? Yes was the answer, as tourists use up to 2000 litres of water per day, compared to 1 litre by locals. 

Poetry reminds us that every human being is a universe - Carmen Boullosa 

Latar belakang Leila sbg jurnalis selama 28 thn membantunya dlm menulis sebuah cerita.

Qaisra Shahraz made this beautiful comment at Sharing Stories: "Money is not everything, I am rich because of a 1000 readers

We read in solitude, we write in solitude, so gatherings like #UWRF17 are so important to move out of solitude.” Sanaz Fotouhi  

Nusrat Durrani on hatred: give outrageously of yourself. I am (and continue to be) aggressively empathetic and shamelessly loving

Nusrat Durrani: "love is not about passion, it is about empathy and compassion." 

"Kebencian bukanlah sifat alami manusia, sifat alami kita ada cinta. Cinta adalah empati dan gairah." Nusrat Durrani.

lots of reflection at The Mother Lode about the power of folktales because they pass on stories about independent & strong mothers.

Prose pours up a page; poetry occupies a page and it's as much about what's left out."  

"Cukup sulit mncari karya penulis Filipina, di tk buku di Filipina," @JhoannaLynnCruz

"Mulailah menulis memoir dgn mengeksplorasi pglmn pribadi & dgn hal yg diketahui, jgn menjadikannya beban." Kate Holden

A pro tip from Cristian Rahadiansyah: "If you want to be a travel writer, stop reading travel magazines." 

I’m bossy about the truth, the real truth; it’s very much the hardest form of writing due to what we owe the reader.” says @kca111

 "Memoir is a violent form, cannabalistic almost I think, as you kinda eat the privacy of those around you," say Kate Holden

"Travel is the way to understand the world" - Cristian Rahadiansyah 

Susan Tereba speaking about True Stories: “It was very important to put the truth of Alzheimer's out there, and not sanistise it.“

Bringing new meaning to travel porn: Trinity on how her travel writing got banned in Indonesia with onsen & nudist beach visits. 

"Memulai menulis untuk diri sendiri adalah latihan yg baik," ujar Kate Holden mengenai prosesnya menulis In My Skin.

Susan Tereba menulis buku ttg pengalaman merawat suaminya yg terkena Alzheimer dgn tujuan ingin membantu orang2 di situasi yg sama 

Kate Holden membacakan cerita dari bukunya 'In My Skin' yg berkisah tentang masa lalunya sebagai PSK

“Prose fills up a page, it’s poured in from the top. Poetry occupies it, stakes out a postition.” Simon Armitage

 When I grew up we all knew who our enemy was - paul

 Seno Gumira Ajidarma talking state violence: “I wish to tell the truth, how would you feel if this happens to your mother or sister?”

A stunning reading about class divide from @paul_mc_veigh at The Last Tabbo. Members of the audience were wiping away tears.

Melissa Lucashenko: “I didn’t relate to any TV shows during my childhood except for the The Beverly Hillbillies.” #classdivides

Paul McVeigh talking about class & language & the shame you can feel cause you can’t write according to proppa English standards 

Mengungkap hal2 tersembunyi yg dianggap tabu utk diangkat. Seno Gumira Ajidarma buka suara di "The Last Taboo"

Paul McVeigh & Melissa Lucashenko discuss class, & agree that poverty is tied to growing up with fear & violence. 

Between 70-80% of Great Barrier Reef now dead due to climate change. 

Indonesia must protect its forests to help the fight against global warming. #sunlightandseaweed

'The Earth has its own metabolism and that's temperature.' Tim Flannery on why 2 degrees matters 

“We encourage you to write a letter, even to yourself,” is the gorgeous advice coming from Women of Letters

"Climate change, shamans, suicide & sex robots." Michael Williams summarised Bernice Chauly’'s next novel as ‘one to look out for'

Robert Crocker said: "We need circular systems, meaning, you shouldn’t produce something unless there is a waste solution for it.

The fabulous @BrigidWD talking about the wellness industry  

“The problem with a professional writer is you sometimes lose the magic; that one sentence that no one has ever written.” @Beathhigh

#Women have a different travel experience” Marina Mahathir

“there is something in music you can’t express in language” - madeleine

“Commodification of culture has resulted in unfettered development; you see workers working 24/7 on building sites.” @brigidwd

“anyone in this room could write a sentence that hasn’t been written before- ian rankin

2% of published books in USA are translations. Whose fault is that? *Points at man in audience*

My best trip ever was to Arnhem was a great exchange" Brigid Delaney

"Yes, tourists have strangled the goose (Bali) that laid the golden egg- Jan Mantika
When you carry “home” with you in your heart then the concept of nationalism disappears

"Writing is not a way to make a living, it’s a way to make a life." Beautiful words by Victor Heringer

Everything’s perfect until you show someone- Ian Rankin on his wife reading his first drafts

“Jet lag is my friend. In the early hours of this morning I came up with the idea of my next book. Thank you Bali.” @Beathhigh

Ian Rankin's advice is to prevail:"The first 5 publishers turned my Rebus manuscripts down, so it was worth persisting.

“I didn’t do work on my Ph.D. about Muriel Spark, I spent the time in the library writing my manuscript. Ian Rankin

Maybe a bit like Bali, visitors to Edinburgh see a facade. But there’s a dark side- Ian Rankin 

"30 million books is a serious number," says @NuryVittachi as he welcomes Ian Rankin, Scottish author,   

“Newspapers are important; as they decline they create a vacuum which get filled by social media." - janet steele

“The term fake news is not new, it's been called biased news & false news as a way of undermining the media.” Nisid Hajari

"Human expression can't be trapped within politics" Abdul Aziz Rashid

 Hector Abad explains that: “My book is about my father’s beautiful, ethical, romantic, cherished life, not his assassination.”

jika kita sedang benar, jangan terlalu berani dan bila kita sedang takut, jangan terlalu takut. Karen

“My mother said no one would touch my father, he was a peacemaker; she didn’t see how much danger he was in." Hector Abad

Oh ya, ibu NH. Dini di daulat naik ke atas panggung ditemani oleh puteranya, Pierre Coffin, sutradara dan animator film box office Despicable Me dan Minion.

I’m not an atheist. I’m in technical parlance what they call ‘muddled’. I have no idea what is going on #UWRF17 Dessaix

'The truth matters and justice matters.' Tenzin Dickie

'Art must be useful; it must have a function.' @morikatetelepta

You don’t have to kill innocent people to have a homeland. Get a bigger ❤️ We all need to feel anchored. - Dessaix

“Past is to the future is what memory is to imagination.” This is so important to Tibetans says Tenzin Dickie at Origins Stories.

“My concept of origin is not where we are but where we put our hearts.”@morikatetelepta

Music provides structure for her book "something in music that you can never express in language" - madelein

her writing explores "the invisible layers of the ground we are all walking on" - madeleine

Do not say we have nothing - madeleine

“Impunity is at the root of the conflicts across Aceh. People are not willing to tarnish their reputation.” Michael Vatikiotis

Everyone loves a process because per diems are involved- @jagowriter on The Blood and Silk panel   

“Once you take action in something you’re passionate about, you’re already having the experience of succeeding” - Paula Constant

“Don’t tell me to be productive if I don’t want to be. Days are for being happy in.” Robert Dessaix on ‘The Pleasures of Leisure’ 

Is there an art to saying no? “Well, it’s only one syllable. Just say it.” Robert Dessaix on ‘The Pleasures of Leisure’ 

'The race to produce cheap products means the environment has to pay.' @Robert_Crocker #fastfashion

Keren-keren kan insight-nya.

Yuk semangat nulis dan berkontribusi untuk dunia!   

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