Pelajaran-Pelajaran Dari Core Summit

Pelajaran-Pelajaran Dari Core Summit

Semalam baru saja berlangsung Core Summit yang oke banget, powerful, energizing, inspiring.
Berikut ini Pelajaran-Pelajaran yang bisa ikut petik Dari Core Summit

as a CEO you have to have the courage to speak your truth

Dear CEO, You cannot change the truth, but you can assign meaning to it. —@bhorowitz

If you can't outsmart outwork outcare outgive outlove outlisten outplan outrisk outhustle outpraise outrespect outreach —Godin

A good mentor will teach you how to think, not what to think

You must utilize every moment that you have. Time is so precious. —@jbfulcher, CEO @Zenefits

In 7 short years Millennials will be the majority of the workforce, & will have different expectations from their employer

Blockchain has potential to give birth to companies 2-5 times larger than Facebook/Google 

Bitcoin gets a bad rap for not being Innovative. But on protocol side, it's been immense & amazing

In 2027, a #blockchain based EMR platform disrupts and takes 15% of electronic health record market. — @IDC

@jeremykauffman sees big potential for futures markets with cryptocurrency. "A big win for humanity.

Blockchain has potential to birth companies "2-5 orders of magnitude larger" than Facebook or Google 

@anders94: You look at ICO as regulator, you see it as an absolute goldmine (in terms of tokens being programmable). 

Dubai may be world's first blockchain powered government

"Impostor syndrome doesn't go away. You just try to push it down as much as you can." @bhalligan

"If you want to build a company for the long haul, you need to delight your customers AND your team."

Companies are easy to start but hard to scale. Make the decision upfront to go long. @bhalligan

Starting is easy. Scaling is harder @bhalligan

Blockchain is the biggest disruption since the Internet 

Blockchain will change the way we do business 

The blockchain timing: disruption ➡️ disintermediation ➡️ redevelopment —@mjskok #CoreSummit 

There are two types of companies — those that have been hacked and those that are aware of it.  

Practical learning is the best kind of learning. —@mjskok

do not be afraid of sharing our story with others and building a following.  - Vala afshar

3 things i would tell my younger self: read more, write more and SPEAK MORE to become better at public speaking.

"The difference between manipulation and inspiration is intent."

Google is your resume. You leave behind a digital footprint and a digital exhaust. Be careful.

"Once you have a trusted voice, magic happens."

“It’s always better to be kind than clever”

“Networking is about giving”

use social media to follow your customers and learn from them before you sell to them 

It’s not companies that disrupt; it’s people that disrupt.” 

Going to market on a limited budget: focus only on what makes you distinctive and defensible. @julespieri CEO of @TheGrommet

how do you find your first customers? Build a model, validate with them first

Ask your customers the provocative questions that draw out their pains" - @BiedermanRob from @GoCatalant

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. —Steve Jobs 

"Transparency is your best friend" as a product manager. - Samuel Clemens of @insightsquared

Most startups die during the 'pain of customer adoption' phase. —@mjskok

4 U's of defining a business value proposition: Urgent Underserved Unworkable Urgent —@mjskok #COREsummit

There's no failing, only learning

"Independent boards members aren’t there to be the CEO’s pal."

"The software industry as a whole is shrinking as applications move to the cloud
   Semoga bermanfaat ya :)


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