Be Genuine Be Authentic

Be Genuine Be Authentic

Many people can crash our plan only if we let them. Ning forces me to accompany her but then she is the one who want to control. Actually I have plan to backpackering like usual. Optimizing time n money.But everything runs very different. Nothing can't say except just let it be.

Zem also break up my plan. Suggesting there will be team tour,so I am prohibited from flixbus booking. The rest is stories with blowup budgeting n cost. Euro that I provide to buy souvenirs finally goes for expensive tickets coz booking on summer season latest days

Another disappointed stories are when I take another's comment for my personal situation. I want to buy postcards from every country I visit, but beyd comment what's postcard are for? So I put them again. Whereas postcard is my son's fav souvenir. Fortunately I've bought 3 before

From Amsterdam, Volendam and denhaag. But because of that comment, I miss the others, from Paris, Brussels etc. If only I didn't listen to that interfering comment, my Son will be more delightful. But after all, let it be let it be

incident happen again when I want to buy clothe in Paris for daughter. She actually mention&order it. But Abde comments, that dress is not Paris enough. So I put the clothe again to the basket. After we leave that place to another destination, I feel sorry why I hear the comment

When we have our own ideal aims and dreams, don't let others screw it. Please be tough and insist with what we believe and pursue. Because others have their own ideal values and dreams. Coz everyone have each perspective that may different. Be genuine. Be authentic

post cards at brussel belgia

Tuh kan, just now my son is disappointed coz I didn't bring postcard from France, Belgia and Germany. I just buy 3 postcard from Holland. Did I tell that Mom should buy 1 card every country you visit? Sorry, Son. Really sorry Someday we'll be back to Europe. Aamiin

A post card may not interest adult, but very important for kids and teen's experience and stories. Simple thing like this shouldn't be slipped from my mind and execution. We can buy Paris and Belgia postcard in Indonesia, but it's really different.
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