Apa Bedanya Rumbling, Mumbling, Grumbling?

Apa Bedanya Rumbling, Mumbling, Grumbling?

apa bedanya rumbling, mumbling, grumbling?

Grumble means to complain softly 
while mumbling means to say words in a really soft voice

They almost mean the same thing, however grumble is a mumble with an angry intent

to "mumble" something usually means to say something quietly and unintelligiblly; whereas, "grumble" means to complain unintelligiblly

"I couldn't hear him, since he was mumbling."
"Not being able to share her anger aloud, she just sat there grumbling."


Mumble means to talk quietly, often unintelligibly. Grumble means to mumble while upset, complaining quietly.

grumble is more upset or negative, like whining 
and mumble has no emotion or feeling connected to it.

A grumble means the person is speaking silently so you can't hear while they are upset.

A mumble is also quiet so you can't hear but the person is not upset.

"'I hate your cat,'" he grumbled."


"'I love your cat,' he mumbled."

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As nouns the difference between mumbling and rumbling
is that mumbling is an act in which someone mumbles something while rumbling is the sound of complaint.

As an adjective rumbling is 
deep and slow sounding.

Rumbling is a deep vibrating noise. In English, people say that your stomach rumbles when it is hungry.

You hear the thunder rumble from far away. You hear a lion growl. Animals tend to growl, things rumble. But if you want to give something animal qualities, you can use "growl". Like: "The thunder had a low growl as if it were a lion" is correct

kalau kamu? sering melakukan yang mana?
rumbling, mumbling, grumbling?
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