Podcast Gita Wirjawan dan Sadhguru

 Podcast Gita Wirjawan dan Sadhguru

When the coach says that my startup pitchdesk looks like non profit program, i suddenly realize that maybe i am type of person who not rush in love with money. Some days after that a question came to my head. Is it really that people need money? How if they get education for free. 

Maybe some people has to be rich to be able sitting in luxurious school. So they need much money. But how if they still can get the luxurious knowledges without paying obligation. Maybe it can be replaced with some barters using their other capabilities. Or something like that.

That endgame pak gita wirjawan with sadguru last night answer my questions nowadays. The experiences. That is what we actually need. Not the money.

More than that, sadhguru bring many enlightments and also mindblowing statements. 

Such as about great mistakes that created by people and society. About next life.When he talked about his experience at his child, suddenly i remember my nephew who had same experiences. Some people call it as ADHD or something like that.

His explanations about knowledge as accumulation, ignorance, clarity, confidence as bridge, conciousness, education system like extruder system,etc make us wake up. 

Using metaphore like walking in the dark asking for our alertness is so right and clever.

His metaphore about Jesus coming down as significance sample that ignored or not by people, is also deep.

Social situation is not life. It's trigger.

He also suggest p gita to try free diving. It can be next #BucketList

Many of his sentences can be quotes and taglines. Almost every lines.

Clarity means you do not need bridge or confidence.

Rage become  nowadays mode.

Most of all, sadhguru have positive thinking on all aspects. Always look at the lesson learnt, hikmah, good perspectives.

About technology, social media etc. Complains and failures come from the person who don't know how to handle it.

Do not misunderstood between communication&creation

I didn't ever hear sadhguru before, so i don't know yet that does he only repeat his speech somewhere else or not.

Law enforcement is stop gap.

This is civilization.

Sadhguru has a great humor. He insert jokes between his satires. 

We need to develop our platforms using digital to raise people consciousness.

The sadhguru spiritual centre at Nashville, where the endgame podcast with p gita take place,make me want to visit. Hope someday we can go there. Ameen

Despite of being apatis and powerless,Sadhguru think these times-where AI take our jobs-can be great times for people back to salvation.

The monkeys term that he choose for metaphoring people who use guns and tech to destroy this world is so right and brave.

About inclusion, he mentioned it as part of life. Psychological malaise. He make us aware about hypersituation nowadays.

Salvation means looking dissolution

Seeking for salvation, mukti is natural process.

Because people realize that they are immortal

We have limited time and energy.

So we don't want to do rubbish things

If the significance come, we must change our courses of life.

He thought AI is good. There is no teacher anymore. Anyone can learn by themselves.

When AI take people jobs, we can have more times for raising consciousness, seeking salvation, mukti.

It make me remember my novel mengejar mukti. It means a lot.

Culturing the society is in the now.

Compassion is meaningful when you're fallen. When you stay in your two feets, you need acceptance 

His perspective about religion enterpreneurship is so shocking. Remembering that his position as  spiritual leader. Hehe. Enlighting and aha

To culture society is not teaching about religion or belief system. It is about teaching there are possibilities beyond physical and mental pleasures and comforts.

Why it makes me think again about my plan taking doctoral program in islamic studies.

His involvement at save soil movement make me realize that spiritual leaders can go across many sectors. It is great.

Not only talking about spirituality, but also become activist who come down to the real movement, talking and influencing stakeholders and public policy makers.

His knowledge about soil, the data (even maybe he repeatly mentioned on his every speech elsewhere) explained that he really concern. 

It reminds me to gus Baha who is religious and spiritual leader but also being updated with nowadays trens and has large insights on everything.

Even pak gita wirjawan feel awsome, such as sitting in  science class.

Wonderful to know that sadhguru is also biker.  Remind me to my own hobby - riding my bike out of town.

He has 3 proposal for public policy regarding with save soil movement

1/govt give incentives to farmers

2/simplify carbon credits for farmers

3/there must be a market recognition

Focus on organic matter, organic soil. With research projects.

Yogic culture teach food distance space.

Basic food must come from the place where people grow

Rich soil raise rich food raise their genius

Let our children play, grow until 15 year. Don't destroy them with our problems.

He explained the difference between stoicism and yoga.

Yoga is union.

Absolutely involved but still untouched

His explanation about happiness remind me to 7 stages that mentioned at tasawuf.

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