World Become Complex

World Become Complex


world become complex

headwinds rise of identity politics: inequality, gap rising militancy market economic 322% debt to GDP 2022 shadow banking at 58% 4 waves of artificial intelligence: 1988- 2004 - 2011- 2015 the AI arms race humans have emitted 1,4tn tons of CO2

exalaration emitted carbon world needs to switch to sustainable energy sources renewable energy to livable planet 5,5 million tons garbage everyday. indonesia 15% environmentally sustainable Thucydides trap

Lupakan Aku Tidak, Hoverfly, Terbang
Silver Lining increasingly interconnected world cost of borrowing has continued to decrease over time good for entrepreneurs tech innovation

democracy has continued to spread and flourish
wars are less likely&less deadly today compared to the past southeast asia vs world room to grow in ethical manner more competitive inclusion in indonesia most of SEA is less vulnerable with strong domestic demand nintra asean trade

reflects on potential going forward global real estate value amounts to US$217tn equivalent to 2.5x of global GDP tourism: cheapest cost than manufacturing sector more jobs - more welfares - less democratic cost indonesia tourism is dominated by asian visitors

digital readiness of asean countries; singapore leads the way, but the rest not far behind everybody become more proactive embracing the tech narrative continue to innovate venture capital spending a lot of money for tech

southeast asia/indonesia still need to invest in improving healthcare facilities and human resources spore, vietnam, thailand - handle covid-19 remarkable manner Satu World Trade Centre, New York, Kota Indonesia forward political consolidation & stability geopolitical role take advantage of low-hanging fruits

need: manage momentum continue open minded intellectual capital relocation capital increasing foreign & domestic investment

Question related with Geopolitical situation: The pandemic of the Covid-19 has significantly triggered the dynamics in the interaction between countries. Most of the advancing economies still competing with each other to win the vaccine race,

this competition can possibly gain more influence in both the global and regional political landscape. In this setting, currently, China vigorously working to get there.

While most of the countries in the ASEAN have struggled to combat the pandemic internally, China appeared on the surface as the savior by offering the region medical support including vaccines.

For instance, during the third Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC) Leaders’ meeting, China agreed to give priority access to vaccines to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam

Is China’s Vaccine Diplomacy as another Political Inducement to the Southeast Asian Region and how Indonesia response that situation?

The International Monetary Fund (Bloomberg, 2020) downgraded its outlook for the coronavirus-ravaged world economy, projecting a significantly deeper recession and slower recovery. It now expects global gross domestic product to shrink 4.9% this year,

more than the 3% predicted in April. For 2021, the fund sees growth of 5.4%, down from 5.8%. Having already warned of the biggest slump since the Great Depression, the IMF said its increased pessimism reflected scarring from a larger-than-anticipated supply shock during

the earlier lockdown, in addition to the continued hit to demand from social distancing and other safety measures. For nations struggling to control the virus spread, a longer lockdown also will take a toll on growth.

Amerika, Arsitektur, Bangunan, Kota

Questions: 1. Assuming the pandemic’s impact may significantly increase inequality, with more than 90% of emerging-market and developing economies forecast to show declines in per capita income, how would Indonesia endure the economic recession?

For possibility of 2nd virus outbreak in 2021,w/ disruptions to domestic economic act about half the size of those assumed for this year. Would prediction of emerging markets experience greater damage than advanced economies,given more limited space to support incomes be true?
By looking at the current situation where several countries have been declared that they are in resession eg. South Korea, HK, etc. Do you think we are going to experience the same condition in next months or year? What is Indonesia's position actually now?
said that tourism is one of the sector that we could improved further,to welcome more visitors come to Indonesia. However,the fact is our national airline hasnt performed well to attract people to use their services. In the other hand,foreign Airlines has delivered massive number
of tourist to Indonesia ,specially in tourist most fav city ; Bali. My questions : What is your perspective in terms of keeping Garuda Indonesia as state of national flag carrier under-performed,
Or let them be managed by professional (private). bear in mind,Keeping themas BUMN mean that government still injecting more and more money
"In United States, The tax reform policy has cut off the tax of the big business that resulted in economic growth and encourage the business to do Research and Development to get the lower taxes, In your opinion, Is this tax reform policy can be applicable in Indonesia?
Telepon, Sel, Smartphone, Texting, Orang

The Omnibus Law has been passed in Indonesia. Through this condition, I am afraid that financial inclusivity in Indonesia will be more difficult to be increased, especially for labors/workers. What do you think about this, sir?

'More infectious' coronavirus mutation named The DG14G detected in Indonesia (JakartaPost, Aug 08). The D614G strain was first detected in Germany in late January and is commonly found in the United States and Europe. It was also recently detected in Malaysia, with health

authorities reporting it in four cases from two clusters in the country, as reported by The Star. So, how Indonesia Government should react with this report? Meanwhile, our citizen sometimes doesn't wear face masks and doesn't care about health
Looking at slide 21, Indonesia is less impacted by US-China Trade Tension. With the latest condition that the government is very open to China and push China investor to get into Indonesia, it probably will move Indonesia position close to the epicenter of trade tension.

With our free and active foreign affair policy, how to manage this condition in order to keep us away from the trade tension? Or the government has decided taking the big guts to taking the pain for the biggest gain in this turbulence?

education department has been working to raise the living standard for teachers. however, the standard of teachers in public school hasn't met the standard (it is shown by only small percentage of students from public school are being exposed with tech, like coding,

compared to other countries) . Also i could see Mr Nadiem has tried to change education system, slowly through critical thinking style of learning, but our teachers, not all of them are ready with this. Why the country doesnt change the way in recruiting public servant (teachers)
Also as a citizen, how to raise our voice about this? since political party doesnt really come across this issue, may be not one of selling point

we need to be grounded we have not enough money for feeding all people day by day printing money for that purpose is better than borrowing for IMF Indonesia get better at 2023 social sciences become more cool pay more for STEM articulate better our thoughts perception about us
summarizing from your statement before that there's not enough money for Indonesia to get back on its feet. So does the government's attempt such as Prakerja program is a futile attempt? in what sense that prakerja program can boost the Indonesian economy?
do you think that religious community (made up about 80% of world population) have a share on the table of decision making process? If so, how significant is it and what would be your advise on this matter?

if you build it, they would come Pengusaha, Tablet, Kontrol, Kota, Pria tourism is one of the world’s major economic sectors and according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, It is the third-largest export category (after fuels and chemicals) and in 2019 accounted for 7% of global trade.

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