Writing Creative Process of Novel Genuine Laugh Genuine Love

Writing Creative Process of Novel Genuine Laugh

Alhamdulillah, right after coming home from Europe trip after I presented my paper at International Conference at Radboud University Nijmegen The Netherland, I start to write this novel.

Rather different from my previous novel's writing creative process, this time I do such different approach. I use my flooded energy

drafting novel via ig with timeline sequences pattern, via twitter for the crucial scenes, via blog for the short brief synopsis or premise, via youtube for the visual attractiveness and memorizing the moves all drafting via socmed could be benefit also as teasers.

rather than choosing only one software program for novel, I use ywriter for writeitnow for and scrivener for and plan to use novelfactory for another novel.

Wish me luck!

These are some teasers, enjoy it!
being anomali

itinerary 2 weeks

journal from international conference

Be genuine, be authentic

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